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Top 5 Advantages of Implementing Patient Portal

In today's current medical treatment industry, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with Individual Places has become the need of the hour for many forward thinking medical treatment methods. EMRs allow wellness treatment organizations to improve outcomes by offering proficient medical treatment service, while patient sites generally provide communication solutions between sufferers and solutions - substantially improving patient fulfillment and the value of solutions delivered by medical treatment methods.

Global Impact of EMR

Most of us are familiar with the impact of EMR in the US Healthcare sector; with the introduction of the incentives under the ARRA, US has seen significant growth in the health IT sector with the anticipated adoption compound growth rate at 10% in North America alone and with a yearend projection of 40% for Hospital based EMR Adoption which in turn is expected to be close to 62% by the end of 2013. This overwhelming as it might be is still not completely reflective of the saturated healthcare points in the US, including single providers and private practices.
An ongoing research by SK&A, a health care information company included a breakdown of practice adoption rate, based on provider numbers, including a growth rate comparison based on last year numbers.
With these numbers representing the US, the idea of studying the global impact of EMR technology seemed very intriguing. Accenture conducted a research in August of 2010 which included an overview of international markets and i…