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EMR Interoperability and Development of HIEs

With the quest for digitizing health records still ongoing, the Health IT industry including sectors like Mobile Health (mHealth) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) have managed to amass their respective audiences. Poised to transform into a multi-billion dollar industry, the Health IT sector is enticing venture capitalists and investors from all around the globe. The HIE industry alone showed an incredible growth of 40% in the last year. Many Health IT gurus believe that the government’s stance on Health IT along with the surging demand for technological innovation has been the key for this growth. “The rise in the development of mobile devices such as iPads and other tablets has given the EMR industry something to think about.”, says an industry analyst.

EMR interoperability along with Nationwide Health Information Networking will be a monumental achievement, considering the sheer magnitude of this initiative. It may take years before we are able to witness stable and commercial…