EMR – Why Support Adoption?

Ever since Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been available in the market, on one hand majority healthcare professionals have embraced the use of EMRs and supported the technology, while on the other hand some physicians have shown resentment towards implementing the technology. No matter what, one thing is certain; EMRs have made an impact on medical practices as well as on the physicians. While some physicians can’t stop whining about the drawbacks, a lot of physicians also cannot stay back from discussing the benefits of EMRs.

Let’s see what the EMR advocates have to say about the technology. A few days ago, I met a physician and as we discussed, he couldn’t stop lauding the advantages that these solutions have brought to the healthcare industry. According to him, besides improving the quality of care delivery and enhancing patient safety, EMRs have also helped physicians cut their monetary and non-monetary costs. Moreover, an all-in-one EMR solution also includes features which enable physicians to have complete control over their billing procedures, reporting capabilities, and other workflow management. “All-in-one EMR solutions are the perfect tools that physicians could have to efficiently run their practices. From scheduling patient appointments, to documenting patient encounters and making financial reports, these solutions help physicians do it all”, he further added.

As mentioned above, EMRs help physicians address the issues related to costs. It would not be absurd to claim that these solutions also bring financial benefits with them. Of course the government’s financial incentive program is one way of helping physicians get their hands on some money. But, the functionality itself can help physicians save a lot of money. According to statistical reports, a significant improvement has been witnessed in the number of malpractice claims through the use of EMRs.

Features like medical transcription and cpt billing codes, have helped physicians improve the quality of care delivery and reduce the number of claim denials. Moreover, EMRs have completely revamped the traditional practice norms – completely eliminating paper use. However, it is also important for physicians to choose the right EMR solution. Today, the all-in-one EMR solutions are the most preferred ones. Not only have they helped physicians with switching to efficient methods of clinical documentation but also with optimizing other administrative tasks.

Expediting Revenue Cycles Through Medical Billing

In the competitive healthcare industry, EMR vendors are offering extra services such as MedicalBilling, in order gain an edge over their competitors. If these players don’t come up with innovative ideas, they end up losing revenue as well as market share. Most vendors comply with industry compliant certifications and standards to alleviate their brand in the eyes of their customers. However, compliance alone is not enough for providers to make a definitive decision, as there are several factors like compatibility issues and user friendliness which need to be considered when it comes to EMR and Medical Billing.

Top vendors always stay on their toes and keep trying hard to deliver solutions that understand all the possible problems of any specialty physician. For this reason, EMR vendors are striving to deliver all-in-one solutions along with services like Medical Billing, which makes life easier for physicians as everything is documented electronically in lesser time, allowing them to focus on treating their patients. Electronic documentation helps physicians to store patient data online, thereby making their practice paperless. Patient Portals allow physicians to stay connected with patients at all times by retrieving their information from anywhere, at any time. Medical Billing boosts up practice revenues and optimum level of profits can be achieved in no time. Practice Management streamlines operations and provides synchronization in regards to daily administration.

“After the introduction of all-in-one solutions, all I have to do is check the patient while all relevant Medical Billing details are directly sent to the practice management software for further processing. This speeds-up the reaction time and gives me an opportunity to focus more on my patients”
, says a Texas based physician.

As a result of Medical Billing Service being provided as a bundle package with EMRs, survival of the traditional EMR software is at stake. Such products keep redefining the market norms, and in order to prosper in such cut-throat competition, EMR vendors need to think out of the box. As a matter of fact, customers have so many choices and they will surely go for the one that makes their lives easier and more profitable, just like outsourced Medical Billing has done for the physicians.

“I have always stayed loyal to the brands I generally use. However, I recently shifted to a new vendor due to the outsourced Medical Billing Service he was providing. To be honest, we need to see our convenience as well”
, says a leading physician from Florida.