Although there are numerous advantages to an Electronic Health Record that encompasses Practice Management Software, Patient Portal and Medical Billing Services, I would like to shed some light on how a Practice Management Software eases the burden for doctors, especially in managing their non-clinical operations and their day-to-day administrative workflows.
A Practice Management Software basically handles or manages the daily tasks for a care provider by making sure that he does not need to maintain piles and piles of paper based records or charts. Apart from filing and documenting paper charts, care providers also need to keep them safe from harm and wear-and-tear. This can be strenuous for care providers because in the case of a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane, or in the case of a mishap like an office fire, the records maintained can be in serious threat of being damaged or worse – wiped out!
This is where the Practice Management comes in to save the day. When all the files and records which were previously only stored in the paper format are actually transcribed into the system, then a natural disaster or any mishap will not be able to harm those records, even if the computer and hard drive that stores them gets burnt and destroyed. Would the records not get damaged and erased if the hard-drive burn out, you ask? Well, no. With the advent in modern technologies, cloud based systems and Health Information Exchanges have made it possible for information to be stored in the cloud and in cloud networks. This means that all the data that was stored in that hard-drive automatically gets backed up and stored on the servers of the software’s vendors as well as on Health Information Exchanges where the records of all patients of an area, regardless of the provider are being stored.
In essence, the importance of Practice Management Software to the Healthcare industry in solving these basic problems cannot be stressed enough. This solution helps care providers maintain Patient Health Information and helps patients receive better and timely treatment. A Practice Management Software hence, is what an operation system is to a computer. It makes practices run!