Switching practice management systems can be cumbersome and result in many issues if not implemented properly. Overseeing the entire implementation process in order to ensure a smooth transition is important.
Here are a few tips.

Keep notes
It is important you keep a track of why you are purchasing the new system. List all important functionalities required during implementation and what you may require in the future. This will help in keeping a track of immediate items, task deadlines and items requiring investigation. Make sure you update your list continually in order to stay ahead of your deadlines. During implementation of a practice management system, routines can become hectic and forgetting important tasks becomes easy.

Stay updated
It is important you subscribe to newsletters and/or regular updates from your practice management vendor. These work as a good resource in keeping you informed of everything that is happening at your vendor’s end and what you can expect in the future such as trainings. 

You may also want to connect with your practice management vendor on professional networks such as LinkedIn. Users who are already using the system regularly share knowledge on such platforms and can be a source of quick solutions for you.

Stay focused
Take one project at a time and make sure it is completed before moving on to the next one. If you lose focus and move to another function before completing the first one, you may never be able to complete it afterwards. Practice Management systems must be carefully implemented and in case there are multiple functionalities to be deployed, make sure you are documenting and monitoring them carefully. 

Participate in user group meetings
Participating in user group meetings of your practice management vendor and education programs will certainly help you network with other users of the system and see what works best for them. A practice management system is the same as any other purchase in that it requires continued maintenance and re-investing.

A practice management system implementation is a big task for practices. Like anything else, proper implementation requires proper planning and training. Make sure you are giving it the best opportunity to perform the way it is expected to perform.