How Useful is Outsourcing Medical Billing for a Small Practice?

Medical billing is a necessity if your practice wants to get reimbursed for services provided. If you’re a small practice with only a few physicians, and having trouble deciding how to go about your practice’s billing, here’s some tips to help you decide if outsourcing medical billing is the right option for you.

Your options
First, you need to know who you can outsource to.  Some of the most common outsourcing options are professional medical billing companies, your Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management vendor, at-home specialists and practice management companies.

Focus on the practice
A small healthcare setting such as your practice cannot afford to keep a large medial office staff at its disposal. Your limited staff is probably overworked as it is. Even if they aren’t, it might still be extremely difficult for them to divert all their efforts towards billing, and moreover, they might not have the necessary know how and skill to optimally manage this service. Thus, by outsourcing your billing, your will free your staff to focus on the tasks they specialize.

Focus on the patients
Additionally, for physicians to efficiently manage providing patient satisfaction and quality care, they don’t need the extra stress of managing the practice’s financials. By outsourcing, you will have the time you need to focus entirely on your patients.

Expediting billing
Faulty coding leads to rejected claims, and I’m sure you’ve come across those time and again. But with dedicated personnel managing your medical billing, such errors will exponentially fall and consequently raise your revenue levels.   

Furthermore, the whole billing process will be expedited including the submission of claims, follow-up and the actual reception of money. Moreover, the outsourcing company might provide performance reports and aide you in enhancing the profitability and revenue cycles of your practice.

Another important problem outsourcing helps identify and cleanse is that of fraud. You will probably not be able to identify each and every inconsistency in your practice’s finances. The billing company will have a much higher chance of identifying them so that you can take necessary action against whoever is responsible for those. 

In conclusion, outsourcing can be a low-cost alternative which additionally provides you with the professional expertise to optimize the financials of your practice.

How Your Practice Will Benefit from the Endocrinology EHR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions are designed in such a way as optimize efficiency and to decrease costs for providers. There are numerous different, customizable EHRs to cater to practice-specific needs. The Endocrinology EHR is one such option, which allows endocrinologists to simplify and enhance their practice’s functioning.

These customizable EHR’s provide simple solutions including those to accelerate the documentation process, track reports and facilitate online prescriptions. There are numerous benefits of these EHR for both physicians and patients. The system amalgamates the complete healthcare care delivery process, consequently boosting the healthcare experience for both parties.

Customizable templates and single screen information: Several pre-defined and customizable templates including those for performing physical exams and entering patient information will allow your practice to get to the workflow right away and also for faster data entry.

 You can make import images and comment on them which will allow you to create extremely useful medical drawings which speed up the diagnosis, analysis and treatment.

Moreover, with patient history, demographics, clinical notes, physical exams, lab results, and clinical alerts on a single screen, analyzing a case will become extremely simple and your productivity will rise.

E-prescribing, online labs and tracking: Using EHR, you can almost instantaneously review your patient’s drug history before prescribing medicines within a few clicks.

Flexible search options also allow for extremely quick data mining to extrapolate relevant patient information. Anomalous results will be automatically identified, so you can analyze data, trend information and track results with more ease and reach conclusions faster and more accurately.
Additionally, lab orders can also be sent and received online, saving valuable time for all parties concerned.

Get rid of paper: You won’t need piles of documents inundating your practice as paper charts, x-rays, photographs, diabetology images and medical drawings can be directly scanned, attached and copied to the EHR’s electronic chart.

Clinical Forms and Reminders: Detailed and complete visit forms including Diabetes Type-1, Type-2 and weight loss tracking (both before and after results) are available via this software. Additionally, auto generated clinical reminders based on characteristics such as age, gender and medical conditions allow you to send automatic reminders, for example, to patients who need more medication or require another test. This enhances the care experience for the patient and also helps prevent potential problems.